Removing black magic:

How to do this effectively?

Exorcism through esoteric hypnosis.

How to protect yourself from evil spells?

Esoteric / Spiritual / Regressive hypnosis, to me, consists of:


– removing black magic that has been done to you

– exorcising a possessed person

– exploring your past lives

– removing links with entities or ghosts

– letting go of ghosts that attach themselves to you or to certain places

– eliminating entities that are blocking you in your life or harming your health

– communicating with your soul

– reactivating new resources from your past lives

Home cleaning against black magic

A ghost that sticks to me. What can I do?

Regressive hypnosis. What is it?

Phobia and trauma: esoteric causes

My child is not sleeping. What should I do?

Emotional dependence and past life

I can’t seem to cut the toxic links. What should I do?


I wanted to thank you for your help, Mr. Belk.

In just 3 weeks my little boy is sleeping through the night and no longer complains about seeing shadows in his room.


Psychologist, Paris

Hello Belk,

I wanted to give you a little feedback. Since the esoteric hypnosis session, everything seems normal at home.

No more strange noises, no more dishes that suddenly disappear.

I sleep like a baby.

And my apartment seems brighter.

I have found a job in my field after years of trouble.

Thank you for your time and efforts.


Executive Assistant, Geneva

I would like to testify because of how impressive a difference it makes.

I had a rare disease that affects one person in a thousand and unfortunately, it happened to me.

The doctors gave me a maximum of three years to live. I traveled to Asia and Latin America to see healers, but nothing worked, no improvement.

Until a friend of my wife’s told me about Mr. Belk and the results she got after an esoteric hypnosis session.

At that point, I had nothing left to lose. Frankly, hypnosis didn’t speak to me and the mystical side, even less.

Then I booked a session with you, and you clearly explained to me that you don’t guarantee anything, but that there can be esoteric links with diseases. And that as soon as you remove the cause, the disease disappears. But the good thing is that you told me that no promises are made.

I really appreciated your honesty.

After one session, we found out that the illness was related to one of my past lives.

One session was enough to get rid of it.

I did some tests, and five months later, the doctors couldn’t believe it.

They all told me that it is a miracle and that it is inexplicable.

If this testimony can save the life of just one person reading this…  


That’s fine with me, at least I would have done my duty to pass it on.

Thank you and God bless you, Mr. Belk.


Hairdresser, Namur

Who am I?

The session is done with a telepath, the person who will capture your soul as well as the ghosts or entities. It’s a bit like a camera that we will send into the invisible world. I will be the guide of this telepath during this  session.

No matter where you are:

You can now book your verification session, and it happens via WhatsApp / Skype / Viber.

The schedule allows you to choose the date and time slot that suits you.

Please find a quiet place for the session.

I will be the guide for this telepath to achieve one or more of the set goals.

It may take one or more sessions.

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